An open letter supporting Trans* Netflix employees

The transgender flag.
  • We support the right of every trans and non-binary person to work in a safe place that is free from transphobic imagery and references.
  • We affirm the importance of representation for trans people, especially BIPOC, in high-level leadership roles (Director, VP, etc.) at all companies, but particularly in big technology and media companies where decisions are made that could disproportionately affect the safety of vulnerable minorities.
  • We believe that every technology and media company has an obligation to monitor and mitigate the harm done by the products they produce and the services they provide — whether it’s content distribution, search, artificial intelligence, or social networking.
  • We stand with Trans* Netflix in calling for better promotion of trans-affirming and trans*-creators. We call on all big technology and media companies to invest in better portrayal of trans people, particularly BIPOC, in all forms of media.



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Google Walkout For Real Change

Google Walkout For Real Change

#GoogleWalkout 11/1 11:10am to protest sexual harassment, misconduct, lack of transparency, and a workplace that doesn’t work for everyone. Views ≠ Google.